Entry #3

Installment 3 and 4

2008-03-20 23:38:54 by BadseedOverdrive

With the edition of two songs (Inside your mind, and New Begining) both from my old solo project Mopowered Madness. To give a little prespective into some of the directions that the music being written in Badseed Overdrive has come from. So again I do hope you enjoy both of these new submissions.

Installment 3 and 4


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2008-09-11 19:34:17

your a pretty good band but that logo is from Disterbed, you can see it on the ten thousand fists cover, just savin you a lawsuit.


2008-09-12 17:57:54

these are good


2008-09-17 06:55:04

I think your music is bad ass, I would definitely put it right up there with Five Finger Death Punch...Wish you had more music though, definitely looking forward to more! :)